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A Net Navi's Greatest Hits

Videoman.exe Manson Videoman
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Character Name: VideoMan.EXE

Place of Origin: Rockman.EXE Anime universe... more or less

Digimon Partner: Chuumon (Sukamon - Etemon - MetalEtemon)

D-Comm Colors: Black, green, and silver

D-Comm Symbol:

Armored Description: Save for his face, Videoman's armor covers his entire body. He has a helmet with three interface plugs on them, and his arms resemble tape spools and are often connected by a line of material with properties similar to film tape.

In this form, Videoman has access to the use of battlechips and his default abilities, which include:

Wind Cutter - Videoman's signature attack - he throws out a giant spool of tape, using it to attack like a giant buzzsaw or yo-yo.

Tape Line - Videoman summons one cassette or more to launch a line of tape straight forward.

Playback - Plays back solid holographic/data recordings of objects, and uses them to attack or distract.

Fast Forward - Moves faster than normal - essentially, gives himself super speed.

Rewind - He starts to regain vitality after damage.

Unarmored Description: Videoman looks like a human underneath his armor - he was originally unable to remove it, and his "armored" body was his typical form, but he was recently upgraded to be able to remove it. In any case, he has green-brown hair, and black-colored skin with green-colored markings that match up to identical markings on his armor.

-History and Personality-

Backstory: Videoman is the creation of a human named Vincent Manson, an Ameroupan film student. Videoman was dissatisfied being "Vinny's" Net Navi, and left him.

Videoman fell into a life of crime - a lot in life that he had absolutely no problem with. He eventually fell in with the Darkloids and joined them, not so much believing in their ideals as he enjoyed the numerous benefits and aide that would come from being a member of their ranks. During the Dimensional Area accident that transported the Darkloids to Reality Vanish, Videoman was brought along with them.

It was in Reality Vanish that Videoman's life began to turn around, as he began to lose favor with both Darkloid leaders - Shademan and Laserman. Videoman was manipulated into using an extremely potent Dark Chip, and the damage that was done to his body caused him to seek help from people of lighter alignment. Videoman had a PET constructed for him by Yuuichiro Hikari, and he struck up a friendship with a girl named Jess Pepin Ilona.

Over time, Videoman and Jess grew closer, and at the same time, he sought retribution against the Darkloids. With the individual plots to delete him having failed, he found himself... largely in the clear.

Needless to say, now that he was free of the Darkloids, Videoman was free to do what he wanted with his life. He eventually left Reality Vanish and returned to his home reality, masquerading as a human being by inhabiting a robot known as a Copyroid. What's more, he and Jess are now an item, having recently consummated their relationship.

There was also some business about being caught and reprogrammed by his originally net operator, separated completely from his Dark Aura, and facing his dark side personally... but that's pretty long and complicated so we won't get into any of that here.

Anyway, now he's been yoinked through the multi-verse again, this time landing in a place called the "Digital World." He's been partnered with a digimon calling itself "Chuumon", and he's not really sure how the whole place is different from the internet.

Videoman has two "sister" and "brother" Net Navis, named Replay.EXE and ReelMan.EXE.

(Edit - CONFUSED? Are you going, "But isn't Videoman's partner Viddy Narcy?" Well, you see folks, the Rockman.EXE anime is pretty cracked. In that version, there are two Videomen: one that serves the Darkloids, and Asteroid Videoman, who was created by an outer space NetNavi named Slur. Yeah, I know, it's weeeeird. Anyway, the canon has enough wiggle room for the Darkloid Navis to have had preexisting lives before joining, as at times, even their LEADER has no idea who he's working for. So to flesh Videoman out, I came up with all of this. It's still a bit of an AU, though.)

Personality in a Nutshell: Videoman is extremely arrogant and hedonistic. He's also greedy and sarcastic, and will not hesitate to commit petty crime. However, he is friendly and open - even extraordinarily decent - to people he's close to. This is not a new facet, just not one he was taken to displaying prior to coming to Reality Vanish.

In addition, he is nearly obsessive in regards to pop culture and films.